Viernes 14 de Junio de 2024

NFT: a new word in the world of cryptocurrencies?

NFT is just another way to use cryptocurrency creation technology. If a state, corporation or torrent client can release their token, then why can't a musician or a writer monetize their creativity, especially given the serious problems with plagiarism and counterfeiting in these areas?

NFT, in essence, is the crystallization of one of the crucial properties of cryptocurrencies: uniqueness. The limited emission of cryptocurrencies attracted the attention of those who tried to get themselves a unique version of the product, the demand for which occasionally grows many times over and is clearly far from saturation. NFT further enhances the uniqueness: only one of each "product" exists, similar to collecting paintings and other pieces of art.

In the opinion of the FxPro analyst team, although this topic was somewhat hyped last summer and prices are inflated, selling NFTs in the metaverse or even ownership of digital goods looks like a very promising and long-term idea. As in the traditional collection market, one should expect the emergence of narrower specialists and those who prefer more visible returns.

In recent months, the volume of the NFT market has been actively decreasing after the local boom in the summer. However, even in the next quarter or two, one should count on stabilization and a reversal of the trend towards more long-term growth. So far, only the cutting edge of crypto enthusiasts are trying out shopping in the metaverse. However, we should expect that soon we will see many times more purchases, albeit smaller ones.

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